China's National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) issued a white paper entitled "Status of IP Protection in China in 2020" on April 26, 2021.

The Status Report has five major topics:

One, effectiveness of protection. By 2020, China's achievements in IPR protection have been widely recognized by innovation entities around the world and the international community. Social satisfaction with IP protection reached a new high of 80.05 points (out of 100). According to the Global Innovation Index 2020 report released by the World IP Organization (WIPO), China ranks 14th.

Second, system building. In 2020, China revised and promulgated four laws and regulations related to IP rights. Six judicial interpretations on IPR protection were issued; More than 20 policy documents related to IPR protection were issued and implemented. Two national standards for IPR protection were issued.

Third, examination and approval and registration. In 2020, China granted 530,000 invention patents, and the number of invention patents per 10,000 population reached 15.8. The number of trademark registrations reached 5.761 million, and 7,553 applications for international registration of Madrid trademarks were submitted by domestic applicants, ranking third in the Madrid Union. The total number of copyright registrations was 5.039 million. The examination period for high-value patents has been reduced to 14 months, and the average examination period for trademark registrations has been reduced to 4 months.

Fourth, cultural construction. Press conferences, typical cases and thematic publicity were held to tell China's IP story well from multiple perspectives, and to show the image of a civilized and responsible country.

Fifth, international cooperation. The Beijing Treaty on Audio-Visual Performance came into force, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the China-EU Agreement on the Protection and Cooperation of Geographical Indications were signed, all of which helped make the global IPR governance system more just and equitable.

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