AFD China recently launched a new round of client satisfaction survey, in which evaluation on various aspects of our services, such as responsiveness, content, quality, practicability and alignment of demand were covered.

Meantime, we also designed a special section to introduce the progress and achievements made by AFD China this year, hoping to take this opportunity to enhance the clients' understanding of our firm.

Clients from different fields, of different sizes, and in different needs were randomly picked as the recipients to complete the questionnaire, in order to obtain a relatively comprehensive survey result.

As a result, the overall satisfaction with AFD China' services scores 95 points on a 100-point scale, and the service satisfaction scores 97 points, and we are also recognized in specific aspects of our services, such as understanding clients' needs, processing time of works, recommendation on office action responses, and quality of translations.

Here we would like to express our sincere gratitude to every client, applicant, or associate who participated in this survey. We will carefully consider your kind suggestions and act in line with them as appropriate.

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