Cayman Enterprise City continues to expand the types of businesses that are eligible to be registered within its special economic zone.

Adding to the already existing Internet Park, Science & Technology Park, Media Park, Commodities & Derivatives Park and the Maritime Services Park, through the Special Economic Zones (Cayman Enterprise City) (Amendment) Order, 2017, Cayman Enterprise City has now introduced an Aviation Services Park that is designed to attract aviation services businesses such as:

  1. commercial air transport operations, including:

    1. transporting passengers over regular routes and on regular schedules;
    2. charter flights to transport passengers, for scenic flights or for sightseeing;
    3. air transport equipment rental (with operators) for passenger or freight transport, or both;
    4. general aviation activities such as aero clubs transporting passengers for instruction or pleasure;
    5. aerial surveillance and load-lifting, or both; and
    6. transporting freight, over regular routes and on regular schedules or non-scheduled routes;
  2. aerospace-related activities - developing and launching satellites and space vehicles, space transport, innovative aviation and aerospace research and development; and
  3. manufacturing and management - aircraft manufacturing and repair activities, logistics planning and aircraft management, management consulting and other specialised services to the aviation and aerospace development sector.

Cayman Enterprise City is set up to facilitate the economic and efficient establishment of a physical presence for businesses in specific industries in the Cayman Islands. Businesses that are set up in the Aviation Services Park will benefit from the special concessions provided to participants in Cayman Enterprise City's special economic zone.

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