Being green can have its challenges. The promotion of organic farming and rise of cannabis cultivation have brought agriculture in conflict with urban areas. Nutrient and effluent management, odour and air quality, and solid and organic wastes are at the forefront of the environmental regulatory conversations. The future is hazy.

Join Richard Butler, Giselle Davidian, and Raeya Jackiw as they examine the interaction of local, provincial and federal oversight and consider how agricultural operations, including cannabis industry participants, can minimize their environmental risk. 

Rich, Giselle, and Raeya will explore key issues including:

  • Who regulates who? What happens when agriculture and homeowners collide?  What levels of government control the protections and exemptions for agricultural operations and normal farm practices
  • Managing environmental liabilities, including nuisance and Ontario's proposed odour framework
  • What environmental requirements exist for wastewater, greenhouses and cannabis growers
  • An update on Ontario food and organic waste policy, including promotion of organic packaging and disposal and destruction of cannabis
  • Greenwashing examples and cannabis puns are a must.

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