With Valentine’s Day upon us, one would rightly suspect that there is already an abundance of patents and patent applications related to online dating software. But if you're really in the mood for love, here are some less obvious technologies dedicated to romance:

Aroma-generating greeting card – this patent discloses a greeting card that has a fragrance reservoir which discharges aroma once a sticker is removed. If the occasion is Valentine’s Day, the fragrance is rose scent.

Stationery pack with lipstick applicator – this British application discloses a stationery kit with writing paper, postcards, or greeting cards, which includes lipstick so that the sender can kiss the papers or cards before sending.

Jewelry box camera – this application discloses a jewellery box outfitted with a video camera to record the reaction of the recipient to a wedding proposal to avoid having to hire a photographer who might ruin the privacy and intimacy of the moment.

And for the cynics, if the relationship just doesn’t work out:

Wedding Ring with Breaking Device – this patent disclosed a breakable wedding ring, which comes apart “beyond a certain tensile stress threshold strained on the ring”. No word from the description itself as to why one would need a breakable ring, or why a wedding ring specifically. But perhaps this one is best saved for February 15…

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