The Canadian federal government has announced its intention to increase scrutiny on certain cross-border transactions; at the same time, the Canadian public's views on foreign investment may be shifting towards a more protectionist, "Canada First" sentiment.

With cross-border dealmaking expected to contribute to the recovery of the Canadian M&A market, what impact can foreign investors expect a more protectionist outlook in Canada to have on their M&A strategies?

In our cross-border webinar series, partners John Emanoilidis and Omar Wakil, along with Hill + Knowlton Strategies Senior VP Elizabeth Roscoe, share views on how both political and popular reaction to foreign investment has shifted, what it could mean for our trading partners and investors, and what it will take to get deals done in this new environment. Watch the clip below:

For our complete analysis on the current state of the Canadian M&A market, read "Will a Canada First sentiment curb M&A?" in the Q3 issue of the Torys Quarterly.

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