Employers and employees alike need to be aware of important changes in the workplace relations space, effective 1 July 2022. From that date:

  • the high income threshold for unfair dismissal cases will increase to $162,000 per annum (from the present $158,500 per annum) and the compensation limit will be $81,000 (equivalent to 6 months of the revised high income threshold amount) for dismissals occurring on or after 1 July 2022;
  • the filing fee for unfair dismissal, general protections and bullying and sexual harassment at work applications will increase to $77.80;
  • as noted in our update 5.2% Increase to National Minimum Wage, from 1 July 2022 the minimum wage will increase to $812.60 (or $21.38 per hour); and
  • the minimum superannuation guarantee percentage will increase to 10.50%.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has also prepared an updated Fair Work Information Statement (FWIS) in time for the start of the new financial year. The FWIS contains important information about employee pay and conditions, and a copy is to be given to every employee before, or as soon as practicable after, they start employment. A copy of the updated FWIS can be accessed here.

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