"The topic of divorce kicked the year off with a 'bang' with this morning's commentary by David Curl in The Australian.

It is both the worst, yet best article on divorce I have read in recent times. It makes a fundamental mistake though: a lack of regard for the statistics relating to those who end up in the Family Court system, however, it does rightly raise lots of concerns about divorce.

I have been a Family Lawyer for 20+ years. I can tell you; few cases end up in court. Even less go to trial. Is that what the media tells us? No, because such boring statistics don't sell.

If you are one of those who need support, having decided to divorce/separate in 2020, don't listen to bias commentators. Do your homework and pick a specialised family lawyer who is also a mediator who also works closely with psychologists and counsellors. You will find the right practitioners will help you far more than so-called 'self-appointed, uneducated (but well-meaning)' social commentators.

I will end with fact & fiction.

Fiction: lawyers always cost huge $ and stuff up amicable separations.

Fact: most amicable separations cost well under $9000 to finalise. As long as no one fights. We save $. Fact: if you hate each other, have complex affairs and big $, your divorce could be expensive – but not overall. Homework and facts; focus on those. Not hype."

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.