Regulation of the Securities Market

The institutional framework of the Argentine capital markets is composed of regulatory and supervisory agencies and companies which develop and implement the market operations. Both the National Securities Commission (Comision Nacional de Valores, or CNV) and the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (Banco Central de la Republica Argentina) oversee the regulation of the Argentine securities markets.

The CNV is responsible for

  • authorising, suspending and cancelling the public offering of securities;
  • registering all entities authorised to make public offering, stock brokers, over-the-counter (OTC) market brokers and mutual funds;
  • regulating and supervising the activity of stock exchanges and OTC securities transactions; and
  • ensuring the capital market's transparency

The CNV may conduct investigations with respect to any person subject to its jurisdiction, apply administrative sanctions in connection with the violation of securities regulations, and file civil and criminal actions related thereto.

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