The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Advertising" dated 19 December 2003 was amended as follows:

  • More precise definitions are given to the main concepts, such as "advertising structures," "outdoor (visual) advertising," "sign," "signage," etc., and a new "social advertising" concept has been introduced. Due to the introduction of the new "social advertising" concept, the Law was amended with provisions on the requirements for social advertising. In particular, social advertising may not contain any reference to certain brands (models, items) of goods, trademarks, service marks or other means of individualization, individuals or legal entities, except as specifically provided for by the Advertising Law. The law also sets limits on references to sponsors in social advertising disseminated by various methods (radio- or TV programs, cinema- or video facilities and other means).
  • Concerning outdoor (visual) advertising, previously established types of placement, such as posters, banners, stands, lighting displays, billboards, stelas and playbills are extended to include flags and signage.

    The provisions of the Advertising Law regarding objects that do not fall under the objects of outdoor (visual) advertising have been defined more specifically and modified. According to the restated version, objects of outdoor (visual) advertising do not include the following advertising objects placed by retail facilities, catering and consumer services facilities:

    1. Sign
    2. Information on working hours
    3. Exterior or interior decoration of show-cases and windows for external visual perception of the following nature: samples of marketable products; means of individualization; decorative and festive designs
  • The Advertising Law now prohibits the local executive bodies from adopting normative legal acts concerning the regulation of outdoor (visual) advertising.
  • The Law also establishes that the State control over the placement of outdoor (visual) advertising is to be carried out not as an inspection but by way of observation using photo or video stills of the placement of any outdoor (visual) advertising in violation of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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