A digital nomad is a third-country citizen who is employed or performs work remotely through communication technology for a personally owned or another business entity that is not registered in Croatia and does not provide goods or services in Croatia.

It is estimated that five million people around the world can be considered as digital nomads since the ongoing pandemic has made work from home quite common and accelerated this trend with more and more people turning to digital nomadism. The Republic of Croatia has caught up with the global trend of regulating the status of digital nomads and was one of the first countries to adopt the digital nomad visa.

Digital nomads can reside in Croatia for up to one year and similar visas can also be provided for their family members, both extended on yearly basis.

All persons under digital nomad regime in Croatia are waived of local taxation for any income.

Croatia offers many advantages in remote work as it is one of the safest EU member states, located in Central Europe, with developed infrastructure, good transport connections to other EU countries, and a favorable Mediterranean climate. All this sets Croatia as a perfect target for digital nomads. With the recent establishment of Digital Nomads Association Croatia, the Republic of Croatia has strengthened its position as one of the leaders in attracting and accommodating digital nomads in administrative, business, and social terms in hopes that many of them will recognize Croatia as a top-tier tourist destination in Europe.

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