Following its inaugural case against Open Text (Carbonite) in December 2023, TG--2006 Holdings, LLC has now filed an array of suits in myriad districts, one against each of Acronis SCS (1:24-cv-00292), Box (6:24-cv-00060), Microsoft (6:24-cv-00065), pCloud (2:24-cv-00069), Siber Systems (1:24-cv-00174), (2:24-cv-00070), and Wrike (3:24-cv-00214). The three patents-in-suit, asserted in overlapping sets, generally relate to methods for displaying time-critical information; more specifically, to a user interface that allows tasks to be organized hierarchically and that will display information at different levels when a deadline is missed. The defendants are accused of infringement through the provision of their respective filesharing (Acronis, Box, Microsoft, pCloud, Siber Systems, and and project management (Wrike) platforms. At issue are certain collaboration tools, including backup scheduling, file syncing, and project monitoring.

The three patents-in-suit (8,583,514; 9,454,741; 9,805,323) belong to a family of four with issue dates between November 2013 and July 2022 and an earliest estimated priority date in August 2004. USPTO records have yet to reflect an assignment of the patents away from JEFF KLEM, LLC, a Texas-based entity (of uncertain operations) controlled by sole named inventor Jeffrey Brian Klem. In its complaints, however, TG--2006 pleads that it is the "assignee of all right, title, and interest" in the patents.

TG--2006 was formed in Texas on December 20, 2006, with Jeffrey G. Toler and Shawn Toler identified as its managing members. Jeffrey Toler is the principal of Toler Law Group, PC, which has been disclosed as financially interested in the litigation of campaigns associated with patent monetization professional Jeffrey M. Gross. See "Funding Appears to Have Fueled Leading Volume NPE Filers, Present and Past" (January 2024) for coverage on those connections. Shawn Toler, an Austin, Texas resident, appears to be married to Jeffrey Toler.

The Acronis suit, filed in the District of Colorado, has been assigned to District Judge Regina Marie Rodriguez. The Box and Microsoft complaints, filed in the Western District of Texas, have been assigned to District Judge Robert L. Pitman. The pCloud and suits, filed in the Eastern District of Texas, have been assigned to Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap. The Siber Systems complaint, filed in the Eastern District of Virginia, has been assigned to District Judge Anthony J. Trenga. Finally, the Wrike complaint, filed in the Northern District of Texas, has been assigned to District Judge Jane J. Boyle. In both the Siber Systems and Wrike complaints, TG--2006—under representation by Rabicoff Law LLC and Garteiser Honea PC, respectively—appears to have ignored local rules which require it to certify the existence of any nonparty having an interest in the outcome of the litigation. 1/26, Wrike, Northern District of Texas; 1/31, Acronis SCS, District of Colorado; 1/31, Box, 2/1, Microsoft, Western District of Texas; 2/1, pCloud, 2/2,, Eastern District of Texas; 2/2, Siber Systems, Eastern District of Virginia.

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