In an article published in ACC Docket on Sept. 12, Marshall Gerstein partner Ben Horton and indie Semiconductor director, legal and deputy counsel Michael Anderson examine the complex and unique factors, as well as the costs, that can arise from intellectual property (IP) disputes.

"It is expensive to fight over patents, and the interruption to a business and its people is significant. Good counsel involves preparing for the battle, but preparation will only go so far if it isn't coupled with a good bedside manner. These two principals will guide the company and its stakeholders into patent litigation and out the other side intact," Horton and Anderson write.

The article explores the typical length and timeline of an IP dispute, legal fees and costs, how the in-house and outside counsel relationship can be most effective and ways to be successful in these disputes.

"Encourage your counsel to be a zealous advocate that wants to win, but win with integrity and civility and, overall, a commonsense approach."

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