Into the Breach  is the first law firm podcast exclusively devoted to reps and warranties insurance and the transactional risk markets. Hosted by Seyfarth partners Bryan M. O'Keefe and Gena B. Usenheimer, each week the hosts in their unique, buoyant style, interview leaders from the industry, and explore the latest developments, market trends, and news impacting RWI and transactional risk insurance.

Episode 8: The RWI Career Path: How to Get your Next Job in Transactional Risk Insurance

Hardly anyone goes to law school or business school to work in transactional risk insurance. Yet, the growth of the RWI industry in the last ten years has led to an explosion of jobs in the field, usually filled by former M&A attorneys who land in the industry by accident. So, how exactly does one go about making a career shift to RWI and what can you expect when you get there?

To answer these questions, Bryan and Gena are joined by David Anderson, CEO & Executive Recruiter at Greenwich Executive Group, and a noted executive recruiter who has a specialty niche in the RWI industry. In the episode, Bryan, Gena, and Dave discuss:

  • How Dave's background as a former reps and warranties underwriter at the Hartford and Concord led him to his current role as a RWI recruiter
  • Why a position as an underwriter or broker in RWI is different from—and better than—other in-house jobs
  • Skill sets that underwriting shops value beyond just M&A experience
  • Future career opportunities in transactional risk niches such as tax insurance and contingent risk
  • Pay and benefits that underwriters can expect

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