The Holiday Season is here, but what if the celebrations don't always bring cheer? Host Aaron Jacobs presents the "Holiday Havoc" series featured on Butler's Subro Sense Podcast. Three podcasts + Holiday mishaps = Everything you need to know about Holiday-related claims.

Episode One: What happens if the insured fries more than just the turkey? Who is at fault if the fries turn to flames?  A 2013 NFPA study revealed that on Christmas Day the total number of daily fires is estimated to be 58% above the daily average.  Senior Associate, Thomas Burgess joins host, Aaron Jacobs to discuss the unique aspects of investigating cooking fires and the critical considerations when evaluating an associated subrogation claim. 

Joins us as Tom also co-hosts on the remaining two Holiday Havoc podcasts, which focus on Christmas Tree & Light Fires and Fireplace & Chimney Fire Losses.

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