A Collaborative Transformation Perspective on Digital Health

Healthcare is facing an age of disruption from new players and new market entrants from outside the traditional healthcare paradigm. These disruptors have varying degrees of experience in the highly regulated and closely scrutinized healthcare landscape. How can these parties work together across different cultures and regulatory environments to fashion better, faster, more accessible healthcare? In this episode of the Of Digital Interest podcast, Stephen Bernstein and Kerrin Slattery discuss:

  • Exciting new collaborations in the healthcare space
  • Challenges companies face as they work through cross-industry ventures, from diligence to regulatory mapping
  • Key considerations for data sharing and the use of de-identified data in digital health solutions
  • Navigating cultural differences between traditional providers and new non-traditional parties
  • Best practices for companies working to enter the healthcare space through collaborative ventures

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Culture Clashes: Getting Cross-Industry Collaborations Right

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