Recent pronouncements by the US Department of Justice point to a busy 2022 and beyond as it relates to the enforcement of white collar crime. It is clear that under the Biden Administration there will be continued focus in bringing actions related to sanction and expert control violations, bribery and corruption, environmental related crimes in addition to the role that cryptocurrency plays in facilitating criminal conduct. This will be facilitated through an increase in the DoJ's budget, the appointment of ~900 FBT agents to assist the FBI's White Collar-Crime Program, enhancing data analytics capabilities, and increased cooperation with enforcement agencies around the world. With US authorities successfully cooperating with European regulators including the UK's Serious Fraud Office and the French National Financial Prosecutor's Office, it is anticipated that an increase in trans-Atlantic enforcement actions will follow.

Our panel of experts will discuss the impact of emerging trends and what it might mean for corporations operating in global markets.

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