Corporate directorship continues relentlessly to increase in complexity. The ability of directors to fully engage with the board agenda and to be effective partners in management are two of the most critical corporate governance issues in the current environment. These are issues that implicate a level of commitment by directors to be informed, attentive, and up to speed on their duties and on the issues of importance to the organization that they serve. This commitment is made even more critical this year by the many turns of events that are impacting the agenda in many boardrooms.

To learn more about how directors at leading companies are handling this increase in role complexity board communication, Kimberly Simpson, the COO of NACD (the National Association of Corporate Directors) which serves both for-profit and nonprofit directors and boards, and offers the country's premier director certification program, joins Michael Peregrine for a conversation about the multifactorial challenges facing boards today, including:

  • The role of directors in understanding today's topsy turvy economic environment
  • Where private and public company directors place inflation within other boardroom priorities
  • ESG challenges and opportunities
  • The important role of board refreshment
  • Top trends from NACD's public and private company surveys
  • Updates on NACD Directorship Certification®

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