The Legislature has approved a bill that will increase California's minimum wage from $8.00 an hour to $9.00 an hour next July 1 and to $10.00 an hour on January 1, 2016. Governor Brown, who lobbied extensively on behalf of the bill, has stated that he will sign it when it comes across his desk, so California employers need to prepare for a 25% increase in the minimum wage over the next two years. Supporters argued that this increase was needed and will be the first to California's minimum wage since 2008, while the Chamber of Commerce listed the bill as among its biggest "job killers."

California currently has the eighth-highest minimum wage in the country. The increase to $9.00 an hour and then to $10.00 will likely bring California to the very top of the list, barring increases by other states.

We'll blog again when the Governor signs the bill into law.

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