The 27th iteration of the Conference of Parties (COP27) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will take place in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, from Nov. 6–18, 2022. The international climate gathering, which is the latest in a series that began in 1995, is mostly known for its multinational stocktaking and negotiations on climate actions to curb climate change. These summits have resulted in major environmental agreements including the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

What is less discussed about the COP forums is that they also provide an opportunity for private businesses from around the globe to gather and discuss climate plans with stakeholders from government and industry. To meet the ambitious goals set by the leaders of the conference, private organization input is not only requested, it is required. Attending COP can allow industry leaders the chance to announce and elevate innovative technologies and projects, learn about international policy changes in real time and offer their input to aid policymakers in their work.

This year, COP will be holding a series of private sector days, which will be complemented by side events hosted by various NGOs, think tanks, industry groups and other organizations. Below, we will highlight a few of these gatherings and the opportunities they provide businesses in a variety of sectors.

Private Sector Days – November 9–17

COP27 will play host to a series of thematic days designed to engage members of the international business community and work with them to find climate change solutions. The conference's presidency, which is held this year by the government of Egypt, has recognized the importance of engaging with all stakeholders in implementing the bold goals of the Paris Agreement and any policy decisions made in Sharm El Sheik. This year's themes include finance, science, youth and future generations, decarbonization, adaptation and agriculture, gender, water, ace and civil society, energy, biodiversity and solutions. Different ministries in the Egyptian government are responsible for planning the events on their respective thematic days; these ministries are also working with several private sector organizations on events and activities.

Below are summaries of some of the session details. Please click here for a full description of these and information on the rest of the offered sessions.

Nov. 9, Finance Day – This day is designed to focus on the financial incentives driving climate change policy. The discussion will emphasize the financial constraints involved in moving to more environmentally sustainable business models and look into how policymakers can incentivize those shifts.

Nov. 11, Decarbonization Day – Aimed at facilitating discussion around approaches and policies, as well as showcasing technologies to help accelerate the energy transition toward a low carbon economy.

Nov 12, Adaptation & Agriculture Day – Discussions around the broad range of topics under adaptation and resilience, especially during this time of increased food insecurity and severe climate events.

Nov 14, Water Day – Participants will engage in discussions covering issues related to sustainable water resource management. Topics will include water scarcity, drought, cross-border cooperation and improvement of early warning systems.

Nov. 15, Energy Day – Participants on this day will mostly confer on the transition to green energy. There will be special attention paid to the use of alternative energy sources, including green hydrogen, as well as the creation and maintenance of a greener power grid.

Nov. 17, Solutions Day – A more high-level day, these sessions will look into multipronged approaches to complex issues including designing greener cities, more sustainable transportation structures, environmentally conscious national budgets and more. They will explore how solutions such as private-public partnerships and startup engagement have proven fruitful in the past and how to apply that success on a broader scale.

Side Events

Several private organizations, media outlets and think tanks are also planning side events to be held on the margins of both the COP High Level Days as well as during the thematic days. Brownstein is working closely with several of these organizations to identify opportunities for clients to participate in panels and discussions as well as to showcase their products at several of the nations' pavilions.

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