With a new European Commission in place and Brexit set to happen by the end of the month, we’re exploring the current regulatory climate in the European Union and previewing what’s to come for the European nations.

Oliver Heinisch is a partner in the Antitrust and Competition Practice Group in the firm's London office. Oliver advises on all areas of EU, UK and German competition law with a focus on international cartel and abuse of dominance procedures including related antitrust litigation matters as well as merger control law. He also regularly advises clients on questions relating to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

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What We Discussed in This Episode:

  • What are the updates following the European Commission elections last year?
  • What industries and areas will the European Commission focus on in the upcoming year?
  • Are the European nations taking the global climate crises more seriously than the U.S. government?
  • How is the European Commission structured and how do they operate?
  • How will the new privacy regulations impact companies selling products on the internet?
  • Is the European Commission working from an outdated document as they attempt to identify market definition?
  • How have the activities and changes in the European Union spilled over into American markets?
  • What is happening with Brexit?
  • Is the concern over the affect of Brexit on business dealings overhyped?

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Michael Hofmann Episode 63

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