24 April 2024

ICYMI - GALA Releases Videos Of Global Advertising Law Conference

Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA)


With firms representing more than 90 countries, each GALA member has the local expertise and experience in advertising, marketing and promotion law that will help your campaign achieve its objectives, and navigate the legal minefield successfully. GALA is a uniquely sensitive global resource whose members maintain frequent contact with each other to maximize the effectiveness of their collaborative efforts for their shared clients. GALA provides the premier worldwide resource to advertisers and agencies seeking solutions to problems involving the complex legal issues affecting today's marketplace.
The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance just released recordings of the sessions from the recent 6th Annual GALA Global Advertising Law Conference held in New York City on March 13, 2024.
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The Glbal Advertising Lawyers Alliance just released recrdings f the sessins frm the recent 6th Annual GALA Glbal Advertising Law Cnference held in New Yrk City n March 13, 2024. The vides are available fr viewing n GALA's YuTube channel.

GALA's advertising law cnference cvered recent develpments in advertising law arund the wrld. The cnference featured three different panels, "Ht Tpics in Artificial Intelligence," "Ht Tpics in Envirnmental Marketing," and a third panel, "Ht Tpics in Glbal Advertising Law," which addressed a variety f imprtant develpments frm arund the wrld.

  • Ht Tpics in Artificial Intelligence
    • Kelly Harris, Harris + c. (Canada)
    • Brenda Kahari, B.W. Kahari Law ffices (Zimbabwe)
    • Rlf Auf der Maur, Vischer (Switzerland)
    • Valdir Rcha, Veiran Advgads (Brazil)
    • Melissa Steinman, Venable LLP (USA)
  • Ht Tpics in Envirnmental Marketing
    • Brinsley Dresden, Lewis Silkin LLP (United Kingdm)
    • Jeffrey A. Greenbaum, Frankfurt Kurnit (USA)
    • Jhan Løje, Løje IP (Denmark)
    • Dámas Pard, Bruchu & Funes de Rija (Argentina)
    • Aakriti Vadehra, Kan and Krishme (India)
  • Ht Tpics in Glbal Advertising Law
    • Ambush Marketing: Jsé Antni Archi, Archi & Lindner (Mexic)
    • Influencer Marketing: Allisn Fitzpatrick, Davis+Gilbert LLP (USA)
    • Dark Patterns & Aut Renewals: Hande Hançar, Gün + Partners (Turkey)
    • Prduct Placement:Virginie Liebermann, MLITR (Luxemburg)
    • Autrenewals and Price Advertising: Søren Pietzcker, Heuking (Germany)
    • Ad Gne Bad:Jasmina Suljvić, Milanvic-Lalic & Suljvić (Bsnia & Herzegvinia)
    • Regulated Areas: Juan Carls Uribe, Triana Uribe & Michelsen (Clmbia)

GALA's annual advertising law cnference was held in cnjunctin with its annual meeting. At the meeting, GALA als annunced the release f the third editin f Advertising Law: A Glbal Legal Perspective, a guide t the laws gverning advertising and marketing in mre than 75 cuntries arund the wrld

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