With 2019 in the rear-view mirror and 2020 in full swing, we take a moment to reflect on what posts rose to the top during 2019. Here is a listing of the Prosecution First’s top five posts in 2019:

  1. Draft Bill Released to Reform Section 101 of the Patent Act
  2. New Year, New Section 101 Guidance: Welcome 2019!
  3. Reclaiming Their Time: Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) and Patent Term Extension (PTE) Post Supernus, Novartis I, and Novartis II
  4. Having Your Cake and Eating It Too: Considerations From Broad Claims Without Back-up Narrow Claims
  5. When Will They Ever Learn? Subject Matter Disclosed in the Patent Specification But Never Claimed is Dedicated to the Public

Dominating the top five was subject matter eligibility posts with case decisions on PTA and PTE, claim scope, and subject matter dedication rounding out the remaining top positions. Looking forward to another great year on Prosecution First in 2020! 

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