On 6 October 2021, Ofcom issued guidance for providers on measures to protect users from harmful material. 

Ofcom has been given new powers to regulate UK-based video-sharing platforms (VSPs), such as TikTok, Snapchat and Twitch. VSP regulation sets out to protect users from specific types of harmful material in videos, such as material likely to incite violence or hatred, as well as certain types of criminal content. 

VSPs are also required to ensure certain standards around advertising are met. These new requirements came into force on 1 November 2020. Ofcom's powers include issuing fines and suspending platforms which allow hate speech and inappropriate content to be displayed.

The new guidance states that platforms must provide "clear, visible" terms and conditions and rules on uploading content and to ensure content relating to terrorism, child abuse material or racism is prohibited.

The policy change and guidance came after the Ofcom research found that one in three users encounter hate speech while on video sharing platforms. 

Ofcom's Video-sharing platform (VSP) regulation can be found here

The guidance can be found here.

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