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The past couple of months have seen the Russian operations of two well-known global businesses seized by the Russian government, even though both companies were already trying to exit Russia. Such cases in Russia dramatically highlight the challenges corporate boards are facing.

With regards to operations in China, a new survey of German companies operating in China found that 55% plan new investments there, that's down from 72% three years ago. 58% blame poor market conditions, 44% blame geopolitical tensions and 28% blame China's economic policies targeting self-reliance, for example Made in China 2025. WTW's 2023 Political Risk survey showed that Russia and China now top the league of countries where companies suffer the most political risk losses.

In this episode of Geopolcast, Elisabeth Braw, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, explores the importance of geopolitics in the boardroom with Lord Jonathan Evans, Director-General of MI5 until 2013, and Stuart Ashworth, who leads WTW's political risk business from the headquarters in London.

It's important not to assume any one future outcome. You've got to have a spectrum of possible outcomes and maintain as much flexibility as you can."

Lord Jonathan Evans



Elisabeth Braw

Resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Elisabeth Braw is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where she focuses on defense against emerging national security challenges, such as hybrid and grayzone threats. Concurrently, she is a columnist with Foreign Policy, where she writes on national security and the globalized economy, and a member of the National Preparedness Commission (UK).

Before joining AEI, Ms. Braw was a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies in London, where she founded its modern deterrence project. She has also been an associate fellow at the European Leadership Network, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, and a senior consultant at Control Risks, a global risk consultancy.

Stuart Ashworth

Head of Credit and Political Risks for Corporates, and Head of Broking and Market Engagement, Financial Solutions

Stuart Ashworth is Head of Credit and Political Risk Insurance for Corporates and Head of Broking and Market Engagement for WTW's Financial Solutions team. Prior to this he spent nine years in Singapore, looking after WTW business covering Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

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Lord Jonathan Evans

Lord Jonathan Evans was Director-General of MI5 until 2013. Prior to that, he had a long career in MI5 counterespionage and counterterrorism. Lord Evans has since served on numerous corporate boards, is a member of the House of Lords, and chairs The Committee on Standards in Public Life.

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