Josiah Morrone-Krawetz is a solicitor apprentice at TLT based in our Manchester office, and shares a typical day in his life.


My day begins at around 7:30. I try to get the morning started with some quick breakfast, which is very often cereal. I like having my bag packed the night before so after jumping in the shower and the standard morning routine, I'm ready to be out the door.

All the apprentices are heading to the office today so after a quick cup of coffee, I begin the drive into work. TLT has a fully flexible working approach, so it is easy to coordinate and plan whether I'm working from home or the office, which is very useful. It's great to have the option to work from home but as apprentices in the early stage, I find its much more valuable to go into the office; whether that be to have your team around you to help or to meet with colleagues, it's essential in both your personal and professional development.


After arriving at the office and grabbing a drink, my mornings usually begin with a brief catch up with my supervisor. We discuss any new work, ongoing projects, successful tasks, any new processes or training that needs to be done; rest assured I've got none outstanding! These morning catch ups help in progressing our skills on a day-to-day basis, providing opportunities to reflect on what I've learnt and further develop in my role.

I then go through my inbox and create a plan for the day. Pairing instructions from my supervisor with my own allocated workflow allows me to know exactly what needs to be done and I can plan my time accordingly.


My first seat as an apprentice is in Mortgage Enforcement and Lender Sales. More specifically, I'm currently assisting with the distribution of surplus funds within the Lender Sales team.

I start by processing any new instructions we've received into the inbox and inputting them into our case management system. This has been valuable in my general understanding of the role, allowing me to see through a matter from start to finish, playing a part in the opening and closing of a variety of cases. I'll also use this time to process any new emails from clients and deal with them accordingly.


One day a week, all the apprentices from Lender Sales have a group catch up with our line manager on Teams. I really look forward to these meetings as it's a chance to speak with the apprentices down in Bristol and hear about what they've been working on. Our line manager is also a brilliant help and having these weekly meetings with her are invaluable to our progression! We get to air any concerns we may have, whether it be work related or regarding the programme itself, and it's great to have an opportunity to do so.

A lot of our team are based down in Bristol but all of them are doing a fantastic job of catering to the apprentices in other locations; ensuring we've got all the support we require and facilitating all our needs perfectly.


Lunch time! Manchester is one of, if not the best city, when it comes to food; with the office located in a prime spot boasting a huge variety of options all around. A great chance to practice your decisiveness or we lose half the lunch deciding where to go! After finally settling on a place to eat, the other apprentices and I use this time to catch up; with us all being at different points on the course this is a valuable time to hear how everyone is getting on.


After a satisfying lunch break, I dive back into my work for the afternoon. The tasks often vary, from handling client queries to collaborating with team members on any ongoing projects. Today's agenda includes reviewing case files, contacting customers and liaising with clients to gather necessary information. The diverse range of cases keeps the work engaging, and I am constantly trained on new processes to maximise my development.


As the afternoon progresses, I allocate some time for further training. Whether it's staying updated on industry developments or refining specific skills related to my role, continuous learning is a key aspect of my apprenticeship. I often leverage online resources, attend webinars, and engage in TLT's internal training programs to enhance my knowledge base.

Today, there's a particularly interesting webinar scheduled on improving mindfulness, a topic I find relevant not only to my professional growth but also to my overall confidence. TLT's commitment to nurturing its employees goes beyond technical skills, and this webinar reflects the firm's dedication to developing well-rounded individuals.


Towards the end of the day, I wrap up any pending tasks, ensuring that I've accomplished the day's objectives. To stay on top of everything, clear communication with my supervisor and colleagues is crucial; ensuring everything is at a suitable point before I log off helps maintain a streamlined workflow.

The journey back home is a chance to decompress, and I often listen to podcasts or audiobooks to better enjoy the commute. Making the most of your evenings is important as an apprentice, balancing work and study can be quite overwhelming so ensuring you have your own time alongside is truly valuable. I tend to fill my evenings with sports and find it's a great way to break up the week, giving you a chance to disconnect and focus your mind on something else.

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