Choosing The Right Accident Claims Firm

In a car accident or some other type of disaster which has caused you damages in the form of personal injury, loss or emotional trauma, claiming compensation is common. However, it's important that you secure the right legal professionals for the case. Claims must be dealt with by people you can trust and this is genuinely essential part of the process. This is why working with only best possible personal injury and road accident solicitors was at the cornerstone of the My Compensation foundation. A couple of recent news stories published by Law Gazette have highlighted the importance choosing the right claims professionals with which to work.

Lawyer's Blamed for Delays in Compensation Claims

The first report was from some firms delaying the completion of cases for cases such as claiming for personal injuries by stopping cheques sent to a centralised claims facility, the Court Money Claims Centre which is based in Salford. Also an issue was a lack of organisation translating into the creating of duplicate legal documents being forwarded to the centre, thus causing extra workloads to get appear. In the six months leading up to September, firms stopped a total of over 850 cheques worth over £165,000 which had been sent to the centre, wasting time and meaning delays in compensating claimants for incidents such as accidents happening on the roads. A Spokesperson for the centre, Jonathan Wood, stated that they were making good progress but that efficiency needed to see further improvements for things to run smoother. Factors such as these will slow down the claiming process and the last thing you need is for your case to be dragged out for longer than is necessary.


Some Lawyers Failing in Adequately Compensating Claimants

Another story published stated that complaints have been made by injured claimants, often those who have suffered serious injuries such as amputations, whereby lawyers were settling too easily on cases. Claimants felt they were not getting sufficient compensation, re-opening their personal injury claim with another solicitor who would ensure they were recompensed considerably higher sums of money. In one case, one claimant who was paralysed in a road traffic accident and was only awarded £16,000 after the original case was settled. After re-opening the claim with a better solicitor, the client went on to secure £700,000 in compensation, a much more reasonable sum.


Conclusion from My Compensation

The My Compensation company byline is 'looking after you'. We didn't choose this byline for no reason and we've geared the entire business in such a way so as to provide you with the professionalism and trust that you need to rely on and we work with some of the best personal injury solicitors in the country, affording you the luxury of a trusted service. In addition, My Compensation helps you with a free medical report for your injuries and can help you out with a free hire vehicle in instances where the crash has left your vehicle un-drivable. The team is standing by to give you a free consultation, so call today or request free callback to learn more.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.