Obtaining Tax Plate

Tax plates are required to be generated after submission of annual Income Tax and Corporate Tax declarations, until 31.05.2022, via GIB (In Turkish) Internet Tax Office system.

With the General Communiqué No. 408 of Tax Procedural Law (VUK) (In Turkish), the obligation of hanging tax plates to company and branches was cancelled, and the practice of keeping them at the workplace was introduced.

If it is determined that tax plates are not kept at the workplace, a special irregularity fine of 500,00 TL for 2022 will be issued, in accordance with the VUK article 353/4.

Provisional Tax Declaration

Income and Corporate Provisional Tax declarations are to be submitted until 17.05.2022, and accrued payments of the related declarations are required to be completed until the end of 20.05.2022.

Liaison Office Activity Declaration

Liaison Office Activity Information forms are required to be submitted as attached to bank statements and foreign exchange letters to the Ministry of Industry and Technology (In Turkish), until the end of May.

Property Tax and Sanitation Tax Payments

Property tax is paid in two equal installments every year. First installments are paid in March, April and May, and second installment is due in November.

Deadline for the first installment of property tax and sanitation tax is 31.05.2022.

Municipalities collect sanitation tax in 2 installments each year (in May and November) from workplaces that benefit from solid waste collection and sewerage services.

Inheritance Tax

In case of death, within four months following the date of death, in other transfers within one month from the date of acquisition, in the case of competitions and sweepstakes, transfers must be declared until the evening of the twentieth day of the month following the day of the draw.

Following the accrual, tax must be paid within three years and in two equal installments in May and November each year.

Activity Declarations of Foreign Capital Companies

Foreign Direct Investments Information Form in E-TUYS system shall be digitally completed regarding capital and activities of foreign capital companies, until the end of May.

Statement and Payment of Investment Discount Withholding

Per articles 61 and 69 of the Income Tax Law, a withholding tax of 19.8% is required on the parts of the investment allowance earned per Annex 1-6 of the Income Tax Law (In Turkish) for the tax payers benefit from the incentive discount on the corporate tax returns.

The investment incentive withholding tax must be declared via withholding tax return until the evening of the 26th day of May and the tax amount must be paid until the evening of the same day.

The use of investment incentive rights arising from investments within the scope of Article 19 of the Income Tax Law does not require withholding tax.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.