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The Covid-19 pandemic which affected the globe brought along various measures with it since the disclosure of the first case in Turkey on 11 March 2020.
Turkey Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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The Covid-19 pandemic which affected the globe brought along various measures with it since the disclosure of the first case in Turkey on 11 March 2020. Within this context, curfews have been declared for citizens over 65 years of age defined as the primary high risk group, people with chronic diseases, and those under 20 years of age. Within this scope, myriad businesses such as shopping malls, hair dressers and gyms have also been closed. Businesses that could not be closed such as banks, pharmacies, courier companies and factories have taken special precautions within the framework of government issued circulars and aimed to minimize the risk of infection by applying flexible working hours.

After the decrease in the number of cases and the necessary measures to be taken against the negative effects of the process, the first steps of the normalization process were taken as of May 11th. Within this scope, shopping malls and hair dressers that were closed since March 21st, started providing limited services as of March 11th.


In consequence of the rapid increase in the number of cases, gradual precautions were taken due to public health and commercial concerns. The precautions were as follows,

  • In the article titled "Measures to be Taken Regarding Corona Virus" published by the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors on 13.03.2020; it is decided that the courts shall evaluate the use of SEGBIS application in case of need and the trials and viewings shall be adjourned, except the investigations and the prosecutions regarding the arrested people and other urgent matters.
  • According to the Presidential Decision titled "Decision on Cessation of Execution and Bankruptcy Proceedings" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.03.2020 and numbered 31706 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is decided that except the execution proceedings regarding alimony; all of the ongoing execution and bankruptcy proceedings shall be ceased and in this framework any follow up legal procedures shall cease, new execution and bankruptcy proceedings shall not commence, and decisions on liens should not be executed.
  • In accordance with the provisional Law No. 7226, Article 1 on Amending Some Laws published in the 1st Repeating Official Gazette dated 26.03.2020 about the periods of bringing lawsuits, commencing execution proceedings, applications, complaints, objections, warnings, notices, presentations and laps of time, foreclosures and mandatory administrative applications; all periods regarding to origination, application or termination of rights; periods determined in respect to the parties in 2577 Procedure of Administrative Justice Act, Code of Criminal Procedure no. 5271 and Code of Civil Procedure no. 6100 and laws including procedural provisions and within this scope periods determined by the judge and periods in the mediation and reconciliation institutions, were ceased from 13.02.2020 (inclusive) to 30.04.2020 (inclusive).
  • Finally, according to the Presidential Decision published in the Official Gazette dated 30.04.2020, the abovementioned periods were extended until 15.06.2020.

The aim of all the aforementioned measured with the application of the abovementioned process was public health protection and minimizing the risk of infection.


The measures to be taken by the businesses as of June 1st 2020 have now been declared by the Ministry of Health with The Covid-19 Pandemic Management and Working Guidelines published on 26.05.2020. In this guideline, the procedures to be followed by the businesses are stipulated. Trying to prevent the possibility of a rapid increase in the number of cases, the Guideline refers to regular temperature checks, regulation of ventilation systems and protecting the social distance among individuals in general.


  • As of 01.06.2020, intercity travel restrictions are being removed.
  • Public recreational and entertainment areas and places such as gardens, association centers, and sports center facilities will be allowed to re-open as of 01.06.2020.
  • The museum and ruins sites will be allowed to re-open as of 01.06.2020 in a controlled manner, provided that the rules are followed.
  • Prohibitions on beaches, marine tourism and transportation will also be removed as of 01.06.2020 with the determined rules.
  • Places such as kindergartens, day-care centers, driving schools etc. may start providing service as of 01.06.2020.
  • As of 15.06.2020, the trials and hearings will begin, the judicial procedures will begin to run and execution and bankruptcy proceedings will also start running.

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