The IPR Department at Dubai Customs has always exerted efforts to be in line with the needs and requirements of keeping its workforce updated, skilled and trained for the changes in the work environment as per the developing atmosphere.

As part of its efforts, the IPR department recently organized a workshop on its role of protecting intellectual property rights in controlling and managing commercial entities in Dubai, which was attended by 42 inspection officers of the department. Such programs aim at raising awareness and sharing knowledge with the customs inspectors so that they can assist to protect the intellectual property rights of commercial entities once they are registered with the customs department.

Mohammed bin Nasir, Manager of the IP Dispute Section highlighted that the training and the workshops that they periodically organize are with the objective to assist custom inspectors to deal with infringement issues with respect to the intellectual property rights of registered companies. In this scenario, companies from all sectors such as motor vehicle companies do benefit from such proactive efforts of the customs department.

As per their record in the year 2021, the IPR Department organized 10 workshops with trademark owners, including 11 events for students, and 8 activities for communities to bring up awareness. It brought the total to 29 initiatives attended by 2,413 participants.


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