South Africa's Food Loss and Food Waste

  • About 30% of local agricultural production in South Africa is wasted each year, which is equivalent to an estimated R60bn a year or about 2% of GDP.
  • South Africa generates an estimated 12.6 million tonnes of food loss and waste per annum (a third of the food available).
  • Its estimated that every tonne of edible surplus food could make an estimated 4,000 meals.
  • In a country where 30% of households are at risk of hunger, 31% experience hunger (approximately 7.4 million people) and with 13 million children living in poverty this is clearly unsustainable.

Sustainability vs ESG – what's the difference?


ESG in the context of our planetary boundaries

Scientists note nine planetary boundaries beyond which we can't push Earth Systems without putting our societies at risk:

1) climate change,

2) biodiversity loss,

3) ocean acidification,

4) ozone depletion,

5) atmospheric aerosol pollution,

6)freshwater use,

7) biogeochemical flows of nitrogen and phosphorus,

8) land-system change; and

9) release of novel chemicals.


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