"KazStandard" with the support of the association "ECOJER" has developed 11 new national standards for renewable energy sources. Their appearance is the result of the work of national experts within the framework of the Technical Committee ? 117 - "Renewable Energy Sources and Alternative Energy" established under the association.

Each standard offers terminology on equipment and methods of work with renewable energy sources. For example, the geothermal energy standard fully describes the heat pump installation process: recommendations for selecting a drilling site and safety measures. Depending on the air temperature and the depth of the well - the standard suggests the best equipment for subsequent installation in those or other conditions.

List of developed and approved standards:

  • ST RK "Guidelines for the design of wind farm grounding system for personnel safety";
  • ST RK "Condition monitoring and diagnostics of wind turbines. Part 1. General requirements";
  • ST RK "Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Characteristics of interface nodes";
  • ST RK "Photovoltaic devices. Part 1: Measurement of photovoltaic volt-ampere characteristics";
  • ST RK "Renewable energy. Solar energy. Solar cells. Technical description and technological data of solar cells based on crystalline silicon";
  • ST RK "Land-based photovoltaic power plants. Guidelines and recommendations for design";
  • ST RK "Solar thermal installations and their components. Solar collectors. Part 1. General requirements";
  • ST RK "Electric cables for solar panels";
  • ST RK "Heat pumps. Principle of operation and use of renewable energy sources";
  • ST RK "Solar photovoltaic energy systems. Terms, definitions and designations";
  • ST RK "Gaseous hydrogen. Refueling stations".

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