Vancouver — February 10, 2020 — Vickie Whitehead, Director of Indigenous Services at Crowe MacKay LLP, joined the firm as an in-house expert in Indigenous Trust Services. Her 23-year career extends to working with Federal Government, indigenous program and policy development, and financial management. Vickie has invaluable insight to the financial advisory needs of Indigenous communities and provides her expertise as a board member and the vice-chair of the National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATO).

NATAO is working closely with the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE), to further the conversation on economic reconciliation and encourage collaboration in building a robust, resilient Indigenous economy.

The Share Investor Summit is being hosted February 19 – 21 in Vancouver and brings together pension funds, Indigenous trusts, foundations, endowments, and other investors to forge alliances, address global challenges, design solutions; and build a sustainable, inclusive, and productive economy.

NATOA and SHARE come together on the foundation of shared values, both wanting to support indigenous communities in the management of their sovereign wealth. NATOA is a charity organization and is committed to providing Indigenous Peoples of Canada with the resources and information that will help them efficiently create, manage, and operate trusts as a means to ensure the seven generations yet unborn, can benefit from the goals and dreams of the present generation. While SHARE is a leading not for profit organization in responsible investment services, research, and education; who work with a growing network of institutional investors helping them to become active owners and develop and implement responsible investment policies and practices.

Together both NATOA and SHARE formed the Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative (RRII) to build a model and example of investment in reconciliation. As a result, RRII has mobilized institutional investors, led by Indigenous trusts themselves, to promote greater demand by investee corporations for Indigenous employees, contractors, managers, and directors, as well as increased partnerships and economic opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Over the three days, leaders will gather to identify allies, design solutions, and amplify investor voices to address key issues we are facing.