Trademark registration in Nigeria is regulated by the Trademark Act LFN 1990. Trademark registration protects a brand/trade name, slogan, label, domain name, shape, colour, logo, etc from competitors and other firms using same or similar name. It relatively distinguishes and protects a trade symbol from others and prevents others from violating or copying the uniqueness of the registered trademark.

What are the procedures for registering trademark in Nigeria?

  1. Conduct trademark name search to ascertain the availability of the trade name.
  2. Complete trademark application form and submit the application to CAC. A trade name search can also be done after the application has been sent.
  3. An acknowledgment letter is issued after a favourable search, and it serves as initial evidence of an ongoing trademark registration.
  4. An acceptance letter will be issued for trademark publication
  5. The trademark will be published on a trademark journal to enable any pre-existing trademark (but not registered) to stop the registration within two (2) months of publication. In absence of any opposition or opposition query resolved, a certificate of
    registration will be issued and granted, proving all processes are completed.

What are the requirements for registering a trademark in Nigeria?

  1. The applicant information i.e., company or individual name, nationality, office, or home address, contact number, passport photographs and the class of good or services sought to be registered.
  2. The signature of the applicant
  3. Invented word(s), logo, symbol to be proposed for trademarking (More than three names can be proposed by you for application to avoid the stress of going back and forth)

What are the requirements for registering a trademark in Nigeria?

Trademark registration may take up to 1 year to be fully completed. However, upon the issuance of an acceptance letter in about 4 to 6 weeks of start date, you are guaranteed of the protection you need to be able to trade in your goods or services. Each of the steps involved in trademark registration takes time. Below is an indication of how long it will take you to register your trademark in Nigeria.

The issuance of acknowledgement letter takes 24 hours after application submission

  • The issuance of acceptance letter takes 4-6 weeks after the issued acknowledgement letter
  • Trademark publication on trademark journal is usually done within 32 weeks of acceptance
  • Trademark Certificate is obtainable 12 weeks after the publication.

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