According to the amendments to the Regulations of the Law of Foreign Investment and of the National Registry of Foreign Investment, recently in force, the following are the obligations of Companies with foreign investment:

I. Annual Economic Report

The annual notice is filed only in case that, during said period, the Company had at least accumulated $110'000,000.00 pesos in any of these accounts: assets, liabilities, income or expenses.

The annual economic report shall be filed according to the following calendar, determined by the corresponding initial letter of the name of the Company:

  • Company's corporate name fist letter: from letter A to J, during April of each year.
  • Company's corporate name fist letter: from letter K to Z, during May of each year.

II. Update Quarterly Report

The quarterly report shall be filed only in case that during the quarter, any changes are occurred relating to:

  • Name of the Company;
  • Activity;
  • Official Tax Domicile;
  • Capital Stock or capital structure that involves a movement superior to $20'000,000.00 pesos.

In addition to the foregoing, this report shall also be filed in case that the income or expenses exceed $20'000,000.00 pesos.

The quarterly report must be filed within the ten (10) business days following the end of each quarter.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.