A number of persons were arrested and several establishments were ordered to be closed in a concerted nationwide anti-piracy sweep. The Business Software Alliance (BSA), an international software anti-piracy watchdog, has hailed the government's recent crackdown against copyright piracy, according to the Oman daily Observer paper dated Feb 26th.

"We applaud the far-sighted actions by the Oman government," said BSA's regional director, Ashok Sharma. "Not only has open piracy stopped in Buraimi, many computer shops are thinking twice before selling new computers with illegal software."

"The media statements by Oman Government officials have also created a lot of awareness among users of computer software regarding dangers of using illegal software," according to Mr. Sharma. A number of persons were arrested and several establishments ordered closed in a concerted nationwide anti-piracy sweep that began earlier this year. The action also yielded a significant haul of counterfeit software, including Microsoft's new Windows 2000 release, besides fake audio and video products, CDs, VCDs and DVDs.

Welcoming the government's resolve against copyright piracy, Mr. Sharma said: "We are encouraged by the actions over the last few months. Sustained actions against illegal sale and use of computer software will show the strong determination of Oman's government.

The real battle against piracy will be tackled when enforcement starts against users with illegal software."

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