Recommendation of the Portuguese Parliament no. 33/2018 2 February - The Portuguese Parliament recommends that the Government goes ahead with a set of evaluations relating to the health impacts of cannabis consumption and the clinical advantages of its use for therapeutic purposes.

Decree-law no. 13/2018 of 26 February - Establishes the legal rules on postgraduate medical training, called medical internship, and has identified the general principles that the processing question must follow.

Recommendation of the Portuguese Parliament no. 55/2018 of 27 February - Recommends that the Government should bring more speed and efficiency to the mechanisms for evaluating devices and equipment to control and treat Diabetes Mellitus.


01/01/2018 - Publication of the List of Medicines with Expiring Co-Pay - The Board of INFARMED has published the definitive list of medicines for which it has decided the co-pay should expire for not being sold in the period of 2018, by a decision of the Board of INFARMED, I.P., by Circular no. 106/CD of 7 July 2010.

Resolution no. 13/CD/2018 of the Board of Infarmed of 8 February 2018 - Updates the list of Homogenous Groups and unit reference prices to be in force in the first quarter of 2018, in the context of the Reference Prices System.

14/02/2018 - National Commission of Pharmacy and Therapeutics - The Commission has published its guidelines on the use of biosimilar medicines and the change of reference biological medicines for biosimilar medicines.


28/02/2018 - The European Medicines Agency has reviewed the guidelines for clinical studies on medicines destined to treat Alzheimer's. The documen governs the development of medicines for all stages of the disease.

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