Our spanish client was the front seat passenger in a car driven by her husband which was involved in a high-speed collision on the English motorway. She sustained multiple fractures and catastrophic brain injuries, with loss of peripheral vision, balance and reduced memory amongst other long- term symptoms. After life-saving surgery in England, she returned to Spain to continue her treatment.

A determined lady, our client worked very hard at her physical rehabilitation. She made a good recovery from her life- threatening injuries. Surrounded by a supportive family who encouraged her to feel independent, our client retained confidence in her abilities and the level of sometimes unobtrusive care that she was receiving on a daily basis was not immediately apparent. It was obvious that she could not return to her pre-accident work as an interpreter /translator, but as she was very near retirement it was loss of quality of life, rather than her loss of earnings that was our main focus. A lady with many and varied interests she had been looking forward to a fulfilling retirement, which now looked very uncertain.

It was when the care expert travelled to Spain to stay with our client that the true extent of her care needs were revealed. The care report that we obtained provided strong evidence in support of the substantial six figure settlement which we were able to achieve for our client, without the stress of her going to court.

Our client's lawyer, Sophie Davies, comments that the case highlights the acute importance of finding the right expert for your brain injured client. Someone who understands, what can be, the subtle nuances of brain injury, and the difference between getting on with your life and living it. Our client benefited from an expert who spent sufficient time with her to appreciate the family dynamic. The expert's observations allowed her to identify the level of support needed to allow our client to live, as closely as possible, the type of life that she was enjoying before the accident.

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