The Land Title Registration Amendment Bill (the "Amendment Bill") was passed in the Bermuda House of Assembly on Friday, 24 November 2017. The Amendment Bill seeks to introduce new provisions to or amend existing sections of the principal legislation, the Land Title Registration Act 2011 (the "Act").

The Act, which is not yet in force, seeks to introduce a registered title regime to Bermuda replacing the current unregistered title system based on a chain of title deeds. The Amendment Bill seeks to introduce a number of tidy-up provisions in the lead up to commencement of the Act which has long been anticipated. According to a recent statement from the Minister responsible for the regime, the Minister of Public Works, Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch, the Act will go live in early April 2018.

Introduction of the Act will mean widespread changing for property transactions and therefore the Amendment Bill and other developments are something we are watching closely. Stay tuned for future updates!

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