In December 2012, SatTV (part of the leading space industry publisher Satellite Evolution Group) visited the Isle of Man to explore the reasons behind the Isle of Man's phenomenally successful commercial space industry.

Richard Hooper of SatTV interviewed the leading figures from the private sector and government in the Isle of Man to discover the secret of our success. Tom Maher, who heads up DQ's space & satellite team, spoke to SatTV about the key drivers to that success, which include a pro space/pro business government, world class telcoms infrastructure, highly skilled and specialist professional services (law, accounting, fiduciary), access to orbital slots and zero corporate tax to name but a few. To watch Tom Maher's interview with SatTV, click here.

To watch SatTV's Report into the Isle of Man Space Industry, click here.

SatTV commented very favourably about the Isle of Man's successful space industry: "It is clear that the Island is punching above its weight against its peers. Driving the thriving business sector is a small group of space experts involved in legal, financial, manufacturing and orbital filing applications." SatTV also highlighted the advantage of the Isle of Man government as a "proactive rather than reactive" government.

In 2012, the Isle of Man set up a chapter of the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) and in September 2012, DQ and the newly formed SSPI hosted the executive director of the SSPI from New York, Robert Bell. To read more about the SSPI and Robert Bell's visit to the Isle of Man, click here.

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