In another positive development, the Dubai Healthcare City (DHC) Authority's Registration and Licensing Department has recently launched its new Fawri Commercial Licence (Fawri Licence).

The English translation of the Arabic word "Fawri" is "instantly", and the Fawri Licence is an effort by the DHC Authority to reduce the application and processing times for the issuance of operating licences in DHC.  The key feature of the Fawri Licence is the exemption for applicants from the requirement to obtain premises (and enter into a lease agreement) during the first year of incorporation. A lease agreement will, however, need to be registered in order for the holder of a Fawri Licence to renew the licence at the end of the first year of incorporation. Most of the existing commercial licensing requirements for incorporating a free zone limited liability company in DHC, or registering a branch in DHC, will continue to be relevant to an application for a Fawri Licence.

We anticipate that the Fawri Licence will streamline the licensing application process in DHC, by shortening processing times and enabling applicants to incur less cost at the outset when obtaining a licence to operate in DHC. Clyde & Co's Dubai office has a wealth of experience assisting companies to establish a presence in both DHC and across the UAE, and we would be delighted to advise in more detail if the Fawri Licence is of interest to you.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.