Trusts can play a major role in financial planning for individuals, families and companies, particularly in the protection of assets and the mitigation of tax liabilities.

This series of articles briefly set out the benefits to be gained from basing such arrangements in Gibraltar.

As one of the largest providers of financial services in Gibraltar, Coopers & Lybrand are well placed to advise on proposals and to provide all the services necessary for the formation and/or administration of trusts, including corporate trustees, companies and nominee services.


Gibraltar is a dependent territory of the United Kingdom but enjoys considerable autonomy and legislates for itself in such areas as taxation. Gibraltar is a part of the European Union having joined with Britain in 1972. The Rock has an experienced financial services industry which is rapidly developing as a major element of the local economy. A highly sophisticated telecommunications system and daily scheduled flights to London enable Gibraltar to offer services competitive with other major offshore centres.

Gibraltar has also introduced a comprehensive regulatory framework which covers:

  • banking,
  • insurance,
  • investment advice and
  • corporate trustee and company management services.

There is a Financial Services Commission which supervises the activities of the local industry.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.