Last October 2, 2013 the Ministry of Health and Social Security, issued the Decree 3929 which regulates the health requirements that fruit drink producers shall disclose about fruit content, pulp, fruit concentrates or its mixtures, in order to process, package, transport, import and commercialize such products.

The decree entered into force in August 2014 and dictates that all beverages containing pulp, fruit juices or extracts should change their labels to make visible the exact amount of fruit content for every product.

This decision was sponsored by the Chamber of Industry and Drinks of the National Association of Colombian Entrepreneurs - ANDI.

With this modification in the labeling, the Ministry of Health and industry seeks to provide information easy to read and understand for consumers to distinguish the percentage amount of fruit juice containing each product and to facilitate informed purchases.

The measure is due to a specific action to motivate the consumer to change the actual perception which proliferates on such beverages and allowing him to know the exact composition of the beverage of their choice.

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