Many employers are thinking about how to build a new workplace for the future, combining both home and office working. But new ways of working can raise a whole raft of issues and so, our experts from around the world have put their minds to 40 pressing questions, ranging from whether employers can refuse entry to the office for those unvaccinated, to how to conduct an internal investigation remotely.

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1. Vaccination

Can employers force employees to vaccinate and can they refuse access to the workplace if someone refuses? We look at a whole set of questions around vaccination and testing.

2. Health & Safety

Must employers adopt specific COVID-19 safety protocols, must they perform an OHS assessment for remote workers and do remote workers have injury coverage?

3. Working time

Can/should working time be monitored and does this apply to remote workers? What tools can be used to monitor and is there a 'right to disconnect' from work?

4. Expenses

Do employers need to reimburse costs for remote workers and do they need to provide tools to remote workers?

5. Labour Relations

What tools must employers given unions and employee reps to facilitate communication with employees? And what are the information and consultation obligations around introducing new ways of working?

6. Remote investigations

What are the rules around conducting internal investigations remotely

7. Working abroad

To employ foreign workers, do you need a local legal presence? Which countries have 'digital nomad visas'? What of social security and tax and what's the risk of creating a 'permanent establishment'?

8. Ethical investment

What are the rules around making ethical investments that apply to pension schemes

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