The Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 (Labour Law) has been amended in 2019 January and official notified in the gazette recently. The most remarkable change it has ushered is that of the guarantee financial benefits to new expecting mothers’ post-partum. As the law before amendment was that if a woman did not gave notice prior the childbirth but still if she gives after the delivery, she could avail the privilege of maternity leave for eight weeks. But the catch in this provision was whether that maternity leave shall be paid or not the law was silent on this point. The amended Labour Law provides clarification that the post-partum maternity leave for the woman shall be a paid one besides other employee benefits.

Besides the Labour Law providing for paid maternity leave, the new amendment has also provided for workers families to be benefited by the payment when a worker die. With the new amendment in force upon the death or due to worker' nominee not being known the compensation shall be given directly to the nominee or their legal heir of the deceased worker.

The third new provision is that of easier and less fees for workers to register trade unions, thereby upholding the collective bargaining rights of the labour. Now, 20% of workers of the establishment needs to be the members of the trade union to be a recognized and legitimate trade union of the industry.

In conclusion, it can be said that these amendments have bolstered labour welfare and human rights in the industry of Bangladesh. This would subsequently decrease the unrest among the labour and encourage more productivity. The Labour Law is also in line with the international best practices as suggested by the International Labour Organization.

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