December 2022 – On 6 January 2023, a so-called "major consumer-related amendment" to the Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Act will come into force. The amendment (the "Amendment") significantly strengthens the position of consumers, responds to digital technologies and introduces a number of changes, in particular for businesses engaged in e-commerce.

The Amendment also introduces significant fines for non-compliance with the new rules (in millions of Czech Crowns; in some instances up to 4% of total annual turnover). In this context, adapting purchasing processes and preparing the relevant legal documents will be critical (for instance terms and conditions, complaints procedure policies and information displayed on websites).

Our specialists are standing by to assist with adapting documentation, setting up processes or interpreting the new rules. The following is a summary of key changes:

Download in English: Kinstellar - The Consumer Amendment

Download in Czech: Kinstellar - The Consumer Amendment

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