At CSB Group it is customary for Directors, Management and Staff to meet every quarter to share company results. This practice is a means of keeping everyone involved and informed about the company's achievements, enabling all Employees and Management alike to share ideas, remarks, suggestions, and accomplishments. CSB Group stands for open communication and inclusion, believing everyone's voice is deserving to be heard to keep cohesiveness and synergy alive within the entire team.

Quarterly meetings are also a way to gather, albeit virtually. This, in turn, nurtures a sense of unity and teamwork, a very important aspect that must be fostered during these trying times. Though the pandemic hit the island harshly, everyone's hard work and personal commitment enabled CSB Group's operational continuity. The Group made sure to provide all Staff with the necessary gear in order for them to work remotely, thus ensuring everyone's safety whilst also supporting the smooth sailing of operations without sacrificing the quality of work, reflected in the outstanding service to clients offered.

CSB Group is committed to supporting private and corporate clients achieve their targets and build their success on solid foundations. It ensures a top-notch experience by offering reliable and personalised services, by being responsive to clients' needs and by striving to remain the most trusted and respected provider in its sector.

The Services offered by CSB Group and their quality indeed have not faltered – from Corporate & Trust to Accounting; from Tax to iGaming all the way to Regulated Financial ServicesVFA, Blockchain & FintechCitizenship & ResidencyRelocation; alongside Real Estate and Recruitment, everything was followed with the utmost attention and care. Even through screens, CSB Group is proud to say that it hasn't lost its Human Touch, one of the key elements to the firm's success.

In the words of Michael J. Zammit, CSB Group's CEO, it is the spirit of adaptability and fast learning that keeps the company in the top tier of corporate service providers on the island.

Malta's overall situation is improving day by day, leaving us with a positive outlook and hope to swiftly returning to work from the physical office. CSB Group is harnessing the good momentum and offering its business services as usual.

The common sentiment is that of attending quarterly business meetings in person and catching up on team events as soon as possible; until then, the safety of all Employees and their respective families remains CSB Group's top priority.

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