What is a Dubai Smart Police Station?

Dubai Smart Police Stations (SPS) are the world's only unmanned police stations where you can file a complaint or obtain any other listed service without the physical presence of a police officer. The self-service police stations are located across the Dubai Emirate.

How can I file a complaint in an SPS in Dubai?

Filing a complaint in an SPS in Dubai or any other location in Dubai is a straightforward process with only three steps.


  1. Registration of personal data
  2. Receiving a text message to confirm the contact number
  3. Submitting the complaint details

1. Registration of personal data

Documents needed to report a crime in an SPS Dubai

  • Residents: Emirates ID
  • Visitors: Passport

2. Receiving a text message to confirm the contact number

3. Recording the statement

The statement is recorded by a Police Officer connected via video.

A scanner and a printer are available to provide further information relevant to the case.

Once the statement is recorded, the victim/complainant can place his signature on the screen to conclude the report.

When the process is completed;

A reference number for the case is given for future follow-ups. (Receipt & SMS)

Once the SPS receives the complaint, it will be forwarded to the relevant police station for further investigation.

Services offered by the SPS in Dubai

According to the Dubai Police Official Website, SPS offer 26 services categorised as below:

Criminal Services

  • Home security
  • Victim support
  • Report bounced cheque
  • Labour complaint
  • Police eye
  • File a criminal complaint
  • Police report inquiry
  • Human trafficking

Traffic Services

  • Reissuing traffic accidents
  • Traffic status certificate
  • Change vehicle colour
  • Pay fine

Certificates & Permits

  • Lost item certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Corpse entry permit
  • Night work permit
  • Road closure permit
  • Clearance certificate
  • Certificate TWIMC

Community Services

  • Tourist security
  • Events security request
  • Leaders at your service
  • Job vacancies
  • Heart patient service
  • Delivery of found items
  • Search for lost items

SPS Locations

22 SPS are located across Dubai. A simple Google Map search will help you find the nearest one for you.

What is unique about Smart Police Stations in Dubai?

  • SPS in Dubai offer their services in 7 languages as follows:
  • Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese
  • The facility to communicate in their comfortable language in the filing process is one of the most significant pros of SPS.
  • SPS are open 24/7
  • Citizens, residents or tourists can access any SPS on the above said locations at any hour of any day. This flexibility on the Authority's side has allowed people to contact the Dubai Police on their schedule.
  • No physical interaction with others during the filing process
  • Researches show that some victims or individuals are reluctant to report crimes/complaints due to the doubt and fear that their matter will not be considered important by the Police. This indicates the hesitations the people have about their case being handled insensitively or in a way that could damage their privacy.
  • Due to this very reason, the SPS have been popular among people as they can file their complaints or obtain any other service comfortably by connecting virtually with an officer.
  • Since the matter will be recorded by default and forwarded to the relevant police station, the complainant does not have to worry about being refused help before filing the report.
  • Straightforward & easy process
  • As explained in the beginning, the whole process is only three steps.
  • Drive-thru & walk thru options are available
  • User friendly & time effective

The success of SPS across Dubai

According to Gulf News, SPS across Dubai processed 107,719 transactions, including lodging 16,083 reports.

The growth of these numbers over the years since SPS's establishment in 2017 speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.