Following the requirement for pre-packed beverages to be labelled with a Nutri-Grade mark from 30 December 2022, the Singapore government has extended this requirement to all businesses offering freshly prepared drinks with high levels of sugar and saturated fat content by end 2023.

The Nutri-Grade mark is a four colour-coded grade, with Grade A denoting the lowest sugar and saturated fat thresholds, to Grade D denoting the highest sugar and saturated fat thresholds, and an indication of sugar level in percentage terms. This is aimed at providing consumers with information about the sugar and saturated fat content with a 2-pronged objectives of encouraging the industries to develop and provide lower-sugar, lower-fat alternatives, and for consumers to make informed choices across beverages with healthier options to choose from.

The extension of the said rule is part of continuing efforts by the Singapore government to influence the healthy diet of consumers to prevail over diabetes and obesity.

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