Shen Changyu, Commissioner of the CNIPA, met visiting Marc Fesneau, Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty of the French Republic in Beijing on April 7.

Shen said that China and France have maintained close cooperation in geographical indication (GI) for a long time. The implementation of the Agreement between China and EU on Protection and Cooperation of GIs and a protocol on agriculture and food GI cooperation between CNIPA, French Ministry of Agriculture and Alimentation and French National Institute of origin and quality (INAO), have offered all-around and effective protection for two countries' high-quality GI products to enter each other's market. China is willing to deepen communication with France in GI, discuss the best practices in GI determination, administration, protection and promotion, expand the breadth and depth of bilateral GI cooperation and boost the trade development of both GI products.

Fesneau appreciated China's efforts in implementing the China-EU GI agreement and the China-France GI protocol. He said intensifying GI cooperation is in line with the common interests of France and China, helping to increase the income of people working in relevant industries and develop the rural economy. France is willing to share its experience and practice in GI legal framework and administration with China and advance the trade development of GI products together.

CNIPA principals responsible for the International Cooperation Department, Department of Treaty and Law and Intellectual Property Protection Department also attended the meeting.

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